Friday, December 28, 2007

Reflection Time

OK, Christmas is now over and our cars have been given a rest. The new year has not yet come but it's approaching us quickly. I just arrived in Florida, enough said, but I have been wondering what people are thinking after the Christmas holiday. I guess for some the season of Christmas is still going on. For me it is sort of going on in mind because I just recently acquired the love for Christmas music this year. How much better can it get? ! You are listening to a bunch of songs about the birth of Christ, I think the birth of Christ deserves a little credit, since Jesus saved the world and stuff. Anyway, some may be taking down the tree and some might be trying to leave that real tree up as long as possible, trying to get every penny they invested.
Some maybe wondering if they can pay next months rent because they spent their life savings on a group a people called relatives but most of the time they seem less familiar than the guy playing the saxophone downtown on the corner.

I view this time of the year as a time of reflection. Its the no mans land of the year. Its the time between one of the most important dates on the Christian calender and one of the most important dates on the local bars calender. So, what goes on between those two important dates. Work? More presents? Vacation? Fellowship? I time to catch up with homework? Reflection??

For me it would be reflection. Sorry, I am weird like that.

I feel if I don't sit back and think of what I have done over the year then that year has been forgotten and it just becomes long period time were I become older, fatter, and less attractive as the years go by.

I need that time to come up with list of things that I am probably not going to follow up with the next year. This is a time where we can eat as much as we want and not feel bad because in 3 days, we will all resort to a diet of water, Styrofoam, and lettuce. I wonder what Joseph and Mary were thinking after the birth of Christ? Hmmmmm....

I guess we can only assume.

(Sorry this blog doesn't have much point but on the other hand... ITS MY BLOG!!!)