Thursday, December 4, 2008

All I want for Christmas...

Well, this holiday season I decided to write a new Christmas song. It really came out of the blue.
I have never really been a huge Christmas music fan but my wife is so I think she is rubbing off on me. Anyway here is a song I wrote for my church. Enjoy

All I want for Christmas

Parking lots and shopping malls are filled with all your people
I wonder what Your thinking now--
About..All the things we buy for loved ones
Trees, lights, and Christmas cheer
Have we forgotten You?

We sing...


All I want for Christmas,
Is to thank you for what You gave
Your son was born to die
I am grateful to be saved


All I want is You
All I want is You

Verse 2:

Sometimes we forget about the reason for the season
Deck the halls cause Santa Clause is coming to your town.
The little star of Bethlehem has more meaning than Amen
It’s a tale of sacrifice, a pardon and eternal life. -- We sing...

All I want is You
All I want is You

Bridge 2:

Your all I want , Your all I need, Your my desire,
Your everything, Jesus
This season we give praise to You
We fill our lungs, we SHOUT, Jesus---
Sweet Jesus -- Oh Jesus