Saturday, April 26, 2008

Juno finally!!!

Ok, I finally watched Juno!! Great movie by the way. Ellen Page is excellent in the movie. Anyway, I think having a baby is a beautiful thing and I have always heard that you are never ready. True and true. I would like a baby now but not all the time, at least for now. If my wife and I had a baby it would look like this:

Now, that will make you think twice about having a baby. My kid would look like a punk skater kid or at least he/she looks like one in this picture.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

AMC recording sessions....

I think 41 hours and 6 mins ago I was up unloading a bunch of sound equipment and starting a long tiring recording sessions in the famous JBC Alumni Memorial Chapel. I wasn't really excited about waking up at the butt crack of dawn but I was excited to record some original tunes. I was blessed to help compose some of these song written by BW. Betsy and I took some pictures and I won the grumpy tired face award.
Anyway, I learned a little lesson through this experience and that was patience . I say that because it took us 6 and half hours of set up and trouble shooting before we started. I was so grumpy and poopy face like. I just wanted to record and get started with fun. I was just thinking that I should probably have the same want and desire toward my relationship with Christ. This is going to sound kind of weird and I don't apologize for making everything sound spiritual. I try to allow God into every aspect of my life especially my passions. I am blessed that I have the passion for music which is pointed toward Yahweh. Anyway, thats it. The pics are below. Be kind about the the grumpy face comments.

And the winner is...