Friday, September 12, 2008

Disc Golf Mecca....I think

Well, yesterday I went to go play a nice relaxing game of disc golf at the famous Winthrop University Disc Golf course. Man is was a pretty course and a very nice school. I'd go there but I don't have 30 thou laying around. Anyway, I played the easier of the 2 courses. I was only 1 over and thats pretty good for me. It definitely beats Knoxville courses. No offense. Oh, here is a fun fact did you know Winthrop used to be an all girls school. Hmmm.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Not just another worship set...

This Sunday at LifePointe was not just another worship set/gathering. It was a gathering that was filled with brokenness and a time where people yearned for God. There were many tears that were shed which I shared plenty of them from the stage. Yes, I cry. It was just a very emotional service. I didn't really plan it that way either. The spirit really moved in me and I usually don't say that but its true. God was breaking me down and maybe it was because I had time before the service to concentrate on leading Gods people in a time of communication. I prayed that I would become invisible and that happened. People saw passion and true worship through my own brokenness or I guess they did. Grown men were crying. A black man immediately after first service ran up to the stage and he was weeping like a baby. This guy was like 6'3 250 pounds of muscle too. I couldn't even get my arms around him when I hugged him. It was cool just seeing how God breaks people down and how He humbles us. I would say the songs had a lot to do with it. At LifePointe, we are starting a second campus and we have a lot questions about the building location and a person to lead that new campus. We are placing our faith and trust in God. I introduced the song " I will Hold On" it is by those Vineyard guys. It talked about trust and forgiveness. It's always emotional when forgiveness and trust is the topic.
We are not perfect and I think its good to understand that we all don't have it figured out as Christ followers.

The band sounded great. Sorry, no Mp3's yet.

Song set:

1. Beautiful One by Tim Hughes
2. I will Hold One by Vineyard
3. I will trust in You by Jeremy Camp
4. Give Us Clean Hands by Charlie Hall
5. Here I am to worship by Tim Hughes


6. Mystery by Charlie Hall (new song)