Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Worship Set List Nov.16th - Oh so late

1. Friend of God (throw away song) (Gundor and Israel)
2. Sing to the King (Billy "something" Foote)
3. Blessed Be Your Name (Matt Redman)
4. I Will Hold On (Vineyard)
5. Christ Our Wine (Bill Wolf)

Awesome Sunday!!! The band and I got to throw down on some gospel music. It brought me back to my gospel choir days doing Friend of God. That song was a our "throw away song" meaning my church doesn't know how to come in on time so I have to play a song 5 Min's before the actual service starts to get everyone in. So far it has worked. That is what you get when you throw cups of caffeine and a free bagels at people before service.

Bagel + Coffee + conversations with people you only see once a week = a late service every week unless you play a loud song/ noise to herd everyone in.

Oh, well.