Friday, January 4, 2008

Wanna be songwriter

OK, I think I am going to start my songwriting phase again. I write songs mostly in phases because I just don't have time to write and I usually have writers block every 3 months. Also, I usually come up with melodies in the shower but as soon as the shower is over or by the time I run to write it down, I forget it. I came up with a resolution...I got a voice recorder. I have a couple friends that are phenomenal songwriters and I usually help with some music but I am switching gears this time. I am going to break out of my Elton John, Ben Shive, and Gabe Scott mold. FYI: Elton John doesn't write most of his lyrics, just the music. Anyway, I have a song below I want to share. It's not the best in the world but its my own thoughts. Enjoy.

Will we remember?

Many tiny fragile little pieces
Scattered on the ground
Kaleidoscope of colors downtown
You see us , will we remember? Our creator

We walk on by
Brushed off cotton in the sky
We see each other everyday
But no one can remember your name
You see us, will we remember? Our creator

Amnesia , Amnesia
Come and heal my head
My mind is blown, I heard what You said.

There are many fields
Making shadows from the clouds
The birds are flying by
Yes we see them, will we remember, our creator

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Its bird!!! It's a plane!!! It's a car???

Well, Jesus has not come back yet and we are all driving cars with four wheels. Has the Jetson's prediction failed. It still blows my mind that we don't have flying cars. I think Jesus had something to do with it because I think if we had flying cars then all of us would be dead. I believe a lot of unsaved people would not have the opportunity to meet the Savior of the word. Thank you Jesus for not allowing us to put flying cars on the market. Amen

Happy New Year!!!