Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I wish I could grow a beard

Over the past couple years I have encountered many conversations with close friends on how I can't grow a beard. At first it didn't bother me but as time went on, I became jealous. All my friends were growing beards as fast as they were changing their underwear. I REALLY WANT A BEARD!!! I have tried oils and lotions even potions. Well, no really. If you go down my blog list and click on "Bill" you might find a conversation he quoted about this same subject. I think it was around mid 07. Anyway, if you have any hints or tips on how to grow a beard please let me know.

P.S. - I don't want one of those crappy Backstreet Boy pencil beards.

I was thinking something like this:

Monday, November 3, 2008

Golden Pie Server award

Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to introduce the golden pie server award. This is award goes to a person who has gone above and beyond his/her ministry responsibility. Each leadership community we award the gold pie server award. This month we award Sam Wilkinson. He plays in the worship band and helps with set-up. He is a crazy man. I know this doesn't compare to the Golden BVD award that Crossings started but this was the best we could do. So, here you go.