Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Big Give video

This video was made for Life Pointe CC and their teaching series : the Big Give. Matt McGue and the rest of the LifePointe staff decided last Sunday to give 2000 dollars to the church. There was a catch though, they had to give the money to people who needed it. Under their seats were different increments of money. I thought it was a cool idea on teaching people about generosity. Anyway here is a short video that I made for this weekend.


Well, here we go. I am really new to support raising so I am going to need your help. Amber and I just recently accepted a position at LifePointe Christian in Charlotte, NC. This is a church plant or a new church in that area. The church is located in the southwest corner of Charlotte and it is in a very racially diverse area. The area is brand new and there aren't many churches. I will be working with the creative arts teams. Amber will hopefully teach in the Charlotte school system. We are both excited about the kingdom work that is going on in the LifePointe community. Along with the new position comes raising half of my salary for a year or two. Since this is a church plant, they receive funds from outside sources such as other supporting churches, friends, family, and Stadia ( a church planting organization: www.stadia.cc). Here is a little information about stadia:

What is Stadia?
Stadia: New Church Strategies is a nationwide ministry that assists in starting (“planting”) new churches all across the United States. We do this by championing collaborative church planting networks throughout the United States, including partnerships with existing church planting associations and church planting churches. It is not Stadia’s intent to assume the responsibilities of, or take the place of, existing church planting associations or agencies, but to come along side those entities, when invited.

We will need your help in a couple different areas and those areas are:

1) Prayer
2) Resources
3) Funds

Amber and I understand if you cannot provide funds for our mission to work with LifePointe Christian Church. We do ask that you join us in prayer and pray that the transition is smooth for us. Pray for the lives that will be changing and the community that we will be restoring.

If you wish to help us financially you can send all checks to LifePointe Christian Church. Make sure you write for Blake or Strozyk's support on the "for check" line or place the donation in an envelope with my name on it. Here is the address"

Att: Blake Strozyk
LifePointe Christian Church
P.O. Box 38750
Charlotte, NC 28278

In Christ,

Blake Strozyk