Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Worship Set for August 3rd

Man was I tired last Sunday. I am still recovering after a week of camp. My voice is really horse too. I sound like I have been smoking a pack a day for 10 plus years. Anyway, this last Sunday's worship set was pretty good. I broke at the normal songs.

Here are the songs:

1. Your Grace is Enough by Chris Tomlin and Matt Maher
2. I am Free by Delirious
3. Center by Charlie Hall
4. I will Hold On by the Vineyard group (??)

Pretty Basic Sunday.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Gone Maria has been on tour

Sorry guys if I haven't blogged in awhile. My band Gone Maria was on tour last week. I was to busy playing youth camps and signing little girls arms with a sharpie marker. I wonder if they know they are permanent. Anyway, yeah I was playing for this youth camp in the big city of Hillsboro, OH. The camp was very conservative and republican. I think you had to bring your voters registration card before you entered the camp grounds which was called "Restoration Acres". Everyone was very nice and the kids loved the energy of Gone Maria. There were two girls that were 11 and 12 that were obsessed with Matt Nelson, the bass player. I think his wicked bass solos put them in a trance. The rest of the band was made up of Duane Chew on electric guitar, Ben McGue on the drums and myself as the lead man/guitar player. I thank Duane Chew for flying all the way up to Knoxville from FL to be on that tour. It was well worth it because we got a lot of free publicity being on the FRONT PAGE OF THE Times Gazette. We signed a couple copies and auctioned off a signed paper for 25 dollars to a youth group kid. Thanks kid. Really we did auction off the paper.

Well, here are some picks of our adventure. By the way there is massive amounts of sarcasm in the article above if you don't know me then I am sorry.