Saturday, May 10, 2008

Oh, Joe!

Here I am writing another blog late at night or I guess early in the morning since it is 12:14 am EST. Anyway, my wife and I had a relaxing time tonight. We had dinner at Trio, which by the way is great if you are in to eating healthy. Us eating together was a big deal because we hardly see each other due to our opposite work schedules and her being in grad school. You would think that I would devote my full attention to her tonight but tonight I was wondering super hard about a couple of particular people in Market Square (in downtown Knoxville). She knew it and it didn't bother her. These first group of people consisted of two couples. One had a dog and the other just got through eating or was just out for a walk. Lets just say both. Well, anyway as they were talking, the couple with the dog, had hands laid on them. I mean the other couple just started praying for the couple with the dog. Stuff like that shouldn't really catch me off guard but it did then. Don't get me wrong, I love that the other couple was publicly praying for this couple in need. I was wondering and I believe I mentioned to my wife, would I feel comfortable or brave to do that in public. Its easier said then done. I mean it would be different if it were people we know or halfway know. I dunno, I thought that was really cool seeing God's work at others hands. Its a lot diiferent seeing it out on the streets rather than the dinner table. Not that praying from the dinner table is bad. Its just flat out cool.

Ok, the second person is this older African American man that is always downtown. He looks like a Joe. I will just call him Joe, if that is ok with you all. He is a little out there, I think. The man talks to himself and he slow dances in the middle of the market square. He is in his own world. I wonder what is going through his head. He probably wonders what is going through my head as I watch him and he catches my eye. This older gentleman seems peaceful and content even through his wacked outness. He probably has not a worry in the world. No stress about house payments and bills. No care for politics and religion. I had a little envy for this man. Sometimes I wish I could just space out and dance in the middle of streets and express to the whole world what was going through my head out loud for everyone to hear. Joe taught me a little lesson. Don't hold back, let your voice be heard. Dance like there is no tomorrow. Tell your love ones that you truely love them. Tell God that you love Him. Thanks Joe.

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Top 10 Reasons Why Disc Golf Is A Great Sport

I have been playing a lot of disc golf lately and I am actually getting better. I am no Nelson (sorry for those who don't know what that means) but I enjoy the game very much. Below, I listed my top 10 reason why I think you should try out disc golf. 

1. Cheap - I haven't played one course that cost anything
2. Relaxing- well, maybe to me at least
3. Low impact exercise- walk,walk,walk, and throw (who needs golf carts)
4. Being out in nature- sometimes you just have to climb trees to find your disc
5. Great activity to have good conversations
6. Competitive- Let's see who can throw the furthest 
7. Family activity- easy to bring kids along 
8. Helps you pick up chicks- slim chance 
9. You don't feel like a looser if you play by yourself 
10. Did I mention that its cheap

Thursday, May 8, 2008

5 Dollar Footlongs are Great!!

I don't have time to blog on two different blogs so I stole this post from a blog I did yesterday.

So, how many of you have taken advantage of the 5 dollar foot-longs? Mike, another admissions counselor, and I went yesterday to enjoy a nice turkey foot long. Before we arrived, I anticipated the line to be as long as the great wall of China and it was of course. I think that Subway was the smallest I have ever seen. The line wrapped around the building. OK, it didn't but it felt like it. The guys in front of us ordered the most complicated sandwich EVER. I think it was a foot long that was cut in 4 quarters and it had turkey, roast beef, salami, ham (honey ham), steak, grilled chicken (cold not hot), 12 different cheeses (melted), a garden of vegetables, all the sauces Heinz makes and etc. I think these guys were creating their own sauces by combining mayonnaise, BBQ sauce and honey mustard. Anyway, Mike and I waited a long time to place our order and we finally made it to the front of the train. Mikes order was simple meat and cheese. Mine on the other hand had all the fixings. The wait was well worth and our bellies thanked us.

If you are low on cash, Subway is the way to go because if you split it's only 2.50. You can't beat that!