Tuesday, October 7, 2008

To NY and back

Well, this past weekend was my first experience of Yankee country and it was the country. I didn't go to New York City. I went to Rochester, NY to lead a youth rally. It was cool both in temp and enjoyment. There were about 150 Yankee kids that loved Jesus. I am glad that I don't have a southern accent because they would have probably tore me apart. I led with just an acoustic guitar. I was forced to think outside of the box by getting them more involved in worship and pumping them up. I succeeded by playing "No One Like You" with an acoustic. The last night I was there I led on the floor with them and I faced the side and it almost like we were all screaming to God Irish folks songs. They were fist pumping and clapping. It was like a northern Ho Down. All in all, it was a good time. Go Orange men!!! It did kill me not seeing Niagara Falls. It was only an hour away. Man!!!! Oh well maybe next year.